Beginning with the Fall 2013, quarter, grades are being recorded on
Blackboard. You will now be able to see your grades as you are prog-
ressing in a course.

If you are a former student and interested in reviewing the breakdown
of your grade for a course, please contact me by e-mail.


Please Note: The grades listed on Blackboard are
unofficial because the program does not always
list students in the same order as the official regis-
tration list from the Registrar's Office. This can
result in some student's grades being mixed up on
Blackboard. I attempt to catch these discrepancies
but there is always a chance that one can slip

I reviewed this issue with a school functionary in
the basement of the school's Pointy Building. I'm
glad we can put a face to this
otherwise anony-
mous personality and illustrate why that structure
is called the "PointyBuilding" (and why this issue
with Blackboard never got resolved).

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