Jeanette "Jasmine" Francis is a woman in her mid 40s who has been referred to your clinic for therapy. You have been assigned to be her therapist. You are required to do an intake and individual therapy.

The following are the parts of the paper you are to write on this treatment.

1. Conceptualize Jasmine's mental state and needs. What brought her into therapy—i.e., what are her presenting problems? (Did she come into therapy voluntarily or was she required to as a condition of employment, court order, etc? Your choice.) What do you see as the key issues that must be addressed in therapy? Describe her mental status: i.e., Level of functioning, symptom patterns, thought processes (obsessive thinking, dissociation, avoidance, distortions, etc.) the possible presence of substance abuse, the nature of relationships with important people in her life.
2. Identify your treatment goals.
3. Identify the type of psychotherapy you will employ to treat Jasmine. (Your choice is limited to the theoretical perspectives we discussed in the course and/or are summarized in the assigned reading.) What is your rationale for using this approach?
4. Speculate on the course of treatment. (Jasmine's investment (or lack there of) in treatment, possible transference/counter transference issues, key interventions, progress, and possible set backs in therapy.
5. What do you see as the outcome of this treatment? Will she continue in treatment or drop out? Will the therapy reach a point where treatment can be terminated because she gained from the process?

This paper is worth 100 points and must be between 4-6 pages (double-spaced) You are to find two scholarly resources beyond the assigned reading for the course that you will use to provide support for your use of the method of treatment, specific interventions, the type of reactions Jasmine may have to specific interventions, liking outcome, etc. Citations for your final paper should be prepared according to the guidelines set forth in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Ed.)

If you failed to see the film in class or wish to watch the unedited version, you can find the movie on Netflix, Amazon, and other source. The title of the movie is Blue Jasmine.