Additional Reading in Theories of Personality
Calvin Hall and Gardener Lindsey:  Theories of Personality
This is a classic word and provides another perspective of a number
of the theories we have reviewed in class.
Salvatore Maddi: 
Personality Theories : A Comparative Analysis

Maddi is a personalogist who is a professor at the University of
California, Irvine.  This book provides an interesting and detailed
analysis of major theories of personality including most of those
we review in PSY403.  He provides excellent critiques of the
theories, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.
Sigmund Freud  
The best source for understanding Freud's theories are Freud's own
writings.  They are concise and relatively clear.  Here are a few of
his more important works.

The Ego and The Id
Beyond the Pleasure Principle
Three Essays On the Theory Of Sexuality
The Problem of Anxiety
The Psychopathology Of Everyday Life
Heinz Kohut  

The Restoration Of The Self

This is probably Kohut's most important work and will provide
the reader with a deep understanding of his self theory.  A bit
of a challenge to read if you are not familiar with psychoanalytic
terminology and theory.

The Analysis Of The Self

This is another important work.  If you read the titles listed here,
you will be a master of Kohut's theory.

Abraham Maslow  

Motivation And Personality
Toward A Psychology Of Being
The Farther Reaches of Human Nature

Maslow is a joy to read.  His writing is clear and his theory and
views are uplifting.  After all, he is the father of Humanistic

Heinz Hartmann

Ego Psychology and the Problem of Adaptation

This is an important book.  It inspired a break for Freud's
view of the ego as being little more than a mediator between
the id and the taboos of society.  Hartman's idea about autoplastic
and alloplastic adaptation, which has had a strong impact on my
own thinking is described to rich detail. 

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