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March 24, 2006:  Welcome!  Check the message page periodically because important information will be posted here.
March 25, 2006:  This is the first quarter I have taught Adolescent Psychology.  I will be preparing lectures as the course progresses.  Overheads may not be prepared until the evening (late in the evening some days, I'm sure) before the lecture.  Be sure to check the Overhead page to print out the most current overheads.
April 19, 2006:  As announced in class yesterday, the movie October Sky has been withdrawn from the list of films from which must choose a movie to use for your term paper.  October Sky will be shown in class in an exercise in which we will identity adolescent issues.
May 15, 2006:  As announced in class, you can get 5 extra credit points by turning in your term paper on Friday, May 26, by the end of class.  Take advantage and start working on you paper now!
May 15, 2006:  More details instructions from the term paper have been posted.  Check them out: Term Paper
June 5, 2006:  You may not have been able to access the class web site in the last few days.  If so, you were not the only one:  So was I.  Subsequently I could not post the Final Exam Study Guide until this evening.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


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