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These are the overheads that are used in class.   They contain key words, diagrams, and brief quotations.  Download to have in class the day of the lecture.  You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer to view and print any of these papers. The Adobe Acrobat is available free for downloading from Adobe Systems Incorporated.  If you are using Acrobat version 2.1 or earlier, you may get an error message indicating "...problem reading this document (9)."  You will need to upgrade to a higher version to read these documents.  (Go to Adobe Systems Incorporated to download the upgraded version).       
Science of Psychology
Divisions of the APA
Psychodynamic Personality Theories
Freud's Diagram of the Id and Ego
Other Personality Theories
Stress and Its Effects
Coping Processes
Psychology and Physical Health
The Self
Social Thinking/Social Influence
Friendship and Love
Cross-Gender Friendship Scenarios
Marriage and Intimate Relationships
Human Sexuality
Work and Career
Psychological Mental Conditions
The Treatment of Mental Conditions
Positive Psychology

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