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These are the overheads that are used in class.   They contain key words, diagrams, and brief quotations.  Download to have in class the day of the lecture.  You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer to view and print any of these papers. The Adobe Acrobat is available free for downloading from Adobe Systems Incorporated.  If you are using Acrobat version 2.1 or earlier, you may get an error message indicating "...problem reading this document (9)."  You will need to upgrade to a higher version to read these documents.  (Go to Adobe Systems Incorporated to download the upgraded version).       
The Science of Psychology
Rene Decartes
William James
William James
George Herbert Mead
Cook On Mead
Identity and Self Concept
Self Concept
John Turner - Social Identity Theory
Bi-Cultural Identity
1 Exam Study Guide
Self Esteem and Self Enhancement
Culture and the Self
Gender Identity
Freud's Gender Development Theory
The Id and the Ego
Horney:  Gender Development
Carl Rogers and the Self
Psychological Development of Self
Assimilation and Accomodation
Piaget and Gopnik Applied to the Self
Adolescence and the Self
2nd Mid Term Study Guide
Memory and the Self
Gazzaniga and Memory
The Self and Personal Goals-Dreams
The Self and Consciousness Volition
The Self and the Unconscious
The Unconscious and Will
Wegner and Wheatley
Determinism and Non-determinism
Brown and the Self
The Neuro Self
The Self and Psychopathology
Final Exam Study Guide
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