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Professional Use
of CBSI Booklets

C.B.S.I. booklets and handbooks are published to disseminate useful and timely information about common life issues and psychological topics, presented in terms that the lay reader can understand. Each publication is written by a professional who has clinical expertise in the area about which he or she writes. Topics are presented in a manner that allows for flexible application in therapy, counseling, groups, and other settings where clients need assistance in self-examination or require education about issues that have impacted their lives.

Why Not Books?

C.B.S.I. publications provide a middle ground between books and pamphlets. Books, even paperbacks, tend to be expensive and often require more time than many clients are willing to spend reading, given their busy lives or a tendency not to read books. Also, books are not always easy for clients to locate if asked by a clinician to obtain a particular book. Pamphlets are inexpensive, even free to practitioners, but provide no more than an inadequately brief introduction to a topic.   In contrast, the content and depth to which subjects are addressed in C.B.S.I. publications is truly substantial.

Therapeutic Homework

A trend in the delivery of outpatient mental health services is to give clients homework assignments, i.e., tasks to be performed outside the therapeutic session. This reflects both the influence of cognitive based therapies and the economic reality created by managed care. Reading assignments are particularly effective adjuncts and have been used long before the concept of therapeutic homework was defined. All C.B.S.I. booklets and handbooks have potential application as outside reading material because they address topics that are reflective of the broad range of problems and issues that are factors underlying client symptoms and presenting problems. A well chosen reading assignment can enhance the therapeutic process by helping clients to gain a better grasp of subjects or psychological processes that are factors in their treatment. Clients are then better prepared to understand what their therapists or counselors mean.


The price of C.B.S.I. booklets and handbooks is low enough to make them affordable for practitioners and organizations to buy for the purpose of giving to their clients (or loaning, given the possibility that some booklets and handbooks will not be returned).   The materials can also be sold to the clients at a profit to the provider.  For those organiz- ations and professionals who are not interested in purchasing C.B.S.I. publications to distribute to their clients, C.B.S.I. makes it convenient for them to direct clients to purchase either using a Direct Mail Order form or the Internet.

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