A New Backyard

Spring, 2007, we purchased Joe Prizzi's property.  It lays on the other side of
Hook Creek and up stream from our cabin.  Almost a half acre, it follows the slope
above the stream.  Since then, we have purchased more lot and now own approx-
imately an acre that we call the VADER backlot, like MGM Backlot 2. Our first

We had mixed feeling buying the land, knowing how much love and work Joe had
put into his home and the land over the thirty plus years he and his family had lived
there.  We feel a strong obligation to maintain the property and to do what we can to
remove the scares of the fire.  Our intent is to keep it open to provide us and our
neighbors with an open forest background. 

While the Prizzis lost their house in the Old Fire, most of the trees did not burn.  It
is amazing given that just a few feet away the fire destroyed the crown of old growth
pines and cedars.

Brian would like to put a small shed on the property (to hide the block retaining
wall).  Betty would like to keep the land open.  Maybe they can find a compromise.
Currently a number of animals call the property home.  There are squirrels galore,
a very mangy coyote, fox, bob cats, a bear, and many birds including a road runner. 
Currently a mountain lion has declared the property to be in its domain.  We are
negotiating to avoid adverse possession.

View of the Prizzi lot from the cabin

View of the cabin through the April snow from the new backyard

Eric and Brian put up a no trespassing sign. We also install a camera to photograph any trespassers.

Sure enough, that evening we had trespassers. 

The only photo of the bob cat (photographed in the middle of the
day from the cabin, several hundred feet away).
Brian's idea for a shed (Don't hold your breathe!)


The Prizzi Lot as viewed from Hook Creek Road

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