September 23, 2005

Work progresses on the roof.  It should last for at least 60
years.  (There are slate roofs in Europe that are hundreds of years old.)

Brian had to get on the scaffolding again to take photos.
Here David prepared to cut a slate shingle.

Attaching a finial to the roof.

Attaching the last slate shingle to the roof.

View of the finished roof from across Hook Creek.

Disassembling the scaffolding.

After being confronted for not doing his job as contracted,
Mr Plasterer sent out a guy to patch cracks and preparing the walls for the
final coat which at the rate he is working maybe done before Christmas

Inside, the painters finish up on the 3rd floor.  Maybe in two
more work days the interior painting will be done (except for the

This is the best way to paint doors.

Spraying final coat of enamel on the wood trim.
Man, and to think that Brian was going to do the
interior painting all by himself on a weekend.

Somebody has recommended that we name the cabin: Chateau Puits d'Argent,
whatever that means.  Personally, we still like calling the place what we've been
calling it for over 40 years:  The cabin.

Maybe in two more weeks there will be no more photos to post
because work will be completed.
Oh, by the way.  the baboons were picked up by animal
control earlier in the week.  They may be relocated in
Wildhaven.  At least that is the rumor. 

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