September 2, 2005

Starting is lay the slate.

I don't think this is one of the Palmers.

Dave calculates how many shingles it will take to
cover the roof.  Once it is covered, nothing on the
exterior will be combustible.

There's a days work. .

The dormer and a small section of the walls have had a second coat.
I'm beginning to think the plasterers are a figment of our imagination,
like Santa Cause.  At this rate the stucco will be completed by Easter.

Do you ever get the idea you're being watched?

Michael working on the plumbing.

A quadruple is placed above the front door.

Here is the keystone above the back door.

Detail of the keystone.

Larry and Jane's place is being guarded by a trained baboon guard.

Here again is a proposed "Baboon Crossing" sign
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