September 16, 2005

South side of the roof is completed.

Stephen and James work on the west (front) side of the roof.

Here is a close up look at the slate on the east.

While the Palmers work on the roof, the painters work
on the cabinets.

Here lacquer is sprayed on the kitchen cabinets.

Applying the overcoat.

Cabinet doors are laid out to be stained.

Somebody has been monkeying with the air compressor.

The staircase is all but completed.  All that it needs is paint and varnish.

We found this 19th century medallion some time ago nailed outdoors
on a wall in a junkyard (Brian likes to check out junkyards). 
Somebody had painted it black.  That will be changed.

This is Adler Lane, across the creek from our place (which
you can see behind the trees on the right).  This dead tree
had fallen across the road and our friends in the forest
use it as stadium seats to watch from the shade the process
in the glen.

On last look at the Palmers working on the roof.

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