October 8, 2005

Here is a view of the finish roof from across the creek.

Doorway to the Utility Room with light fixture.
But we got to do something with the ugly concrete
retaining wall.

Few from the street.  All that needs to be done is pouring
concrete walkways and hanging the shutters

Eric and Betty inspect the entry.  The pocket doors (on
the right) have finally been installed.

Master bathroom shower door.

Hallway looking onto the stairwell.

Louvered doors for eventual washing machine and dryer.

Mr Plaster finally finishes the job and begins to disassemble
the scaffolding.

Meanwhile, the Palmers prepare four pouring concrete.

Front door with doorbell and luminous street numbers.

Somebody has recommended that we name the cabin: Chateau Puits d'Argent,
whatever that means.  Personally, we still like calling the place what we've been
calling it for over 40 years:  The cabin.

Two baboons have been spotted hanging around the cabin. Animal Control
must have missed them.  My plan is to train them to stand guard by the
front door. 

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