October 27, 2005

Starting up Highway 18 I ran into fog.  It cleared at about
4,500 feet.  Here is a view at about 5,100 feet. 

The final truckload of ready mixed concrete had just been
"delivered" before I reached the cabin.  Wayne cleans off
the road as his boys finish working the pour.

Finally a real front porch.  No one will miss "walking the

Micheal and Dave smooth out the imperfections in the walkway
in front of the cabin.

David works the "parking lot."  Wayne supervises.

The stairs against the north wall.

All the grand kids have been made part of the driveway.

The rear slab, wide enough for a small table and some chairs.

James works on the steps outside the French door.  He had to work
against the sun heating up the concrete and causing it to get
prematurely stiff.

I dressed up these two baboons and dipped them in
concrete.  That will teach them not to move to Wildhaven.

I didn't realize that baboons are musical.  To keep them
from running away, they have been epoxied to the porch.

Somebody has recommended that we name the cabin: Chateau Puits d'Argent,
whatever that means.  Personally, we still like calling the place what we've been
calling it for over 40 years:  The cabin.

This may be the last page posted.  All that is left to do is install the shuttered. 

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