Interior of the Original Cabin

Much of the furniture lost in the fire were from Brian's 
mother and his uncle, both who died in the late 1990's.
Because of our concern over the extreme fire risk, in 
the summer of 2003 many of the paintings and antiques
were removed.  The larger pieces were too cumbersome 
to take down the mountain and were destroyed in the fire.


Here are photos of the cabin taken the 
year before the fire.

Remodeled Kitchen     

 Kids' Room

Guest Bedroom   

Who let the bird in the house?



Most of our "pets" (some shown on the right) were lost in
the fire.  Only Monty The Mountain Lion and a mounted
fox (not shown) survived because they had been removed.

The bobcat was originally in the diorama at the Sportman's
Lodge in Cedar Glen.  The other animals were collected
over the years.

Brian has promised Betty and their kids that he will not
have anymore "dead things" in the new cabin (except for a
zebra rug that replaces his prized zebra that was destroyed
in the fire).  He double promised not to purchase the
stuffed Indian cobra he found in a shop in Berkeley. 

         Betty and Brian Johnson, 1998

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