29667 Hook Creek Rd.

The Last Photo, October 5, 2003

Here we see the cabin as it looked shortly after the pine trees where removed.  To the right is Dennis Beeson's place.  In 2004 we purchased his property in order to expand our lot.

Brian, 1946

My first memory of the mountains concerns this day at the Lake.  Our cabin had not been built, and my family was staying at his partner's place, which Larry and Jane Doetsch eventually purchased.  My older brother, Allan, remembers coming up with our parents to the Glen in the late 30's.

Jeannette (Brian's mother) and Brian, early 1947

This is the only photo I have taken during construction of the cabin.  My parents and another couple, the Gunther's purchased the lot on February 17, 1947 for $10.00 dollars.  My father and Mickey Gunther were both West Los Angeles plaster contractors.  They naturally built the cabin with materials they knew and valued, so it was one of the first structures in the Glen with a stucco exterior and lathe and plaster interior.  My father insisted that the place have a metal roof because of his concern of forest fires.  The roof lasted for over 55 years.  

Photos of the interior of the cabin

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